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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Purchase Subscribers

Every email address that you could possibly get is like potential gold to you so if you are going to purchase any email addresses from the many lists that are available for purchase, however, you have to be very specific in who you choose to buy from so watch out. You can purchase 1,000 subscribers for as little as $197.00 with some companies. It helps to be on the lookout.

Don't put copyright on it

Some lists add copyright information and I really don't know why. It is best to simply forward this information to anyone that might be interested. It's a lot easier than using a script and it's been working for me. In any case, most people generally don’t care anyway.

Don't accept any form of paid advertising

By accepting paid advertising, you only succeed in polluting your list and
This takes attention away from whatever your newsletter's main theme is. You want to keep your readers informed of MLM and Residual Income
Programs because this just another way of building and keeping their trust in you.

No free content

Do not offer any free content because this gives the reader nowhere to go. They either get involved with what you’re doing or they get off the list. Besides when you are offering free content, all that you are really accomplishing is you owing more money and having less bandwidth to work with.