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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Follow Up Your Emails

By using an AutoResponder you can deliver your follow-ups without effort. Each follow up should be a sales letter to a residual income product you’re selling, an MLM program you’re promoting or a product you’re selling. There should not be any free content and these sales letters don't beat around the bush. I make thousands per month using email follow up alone. You can get an occasional flame and some unsubscribes, but this is exactly what you should want.

You want to be building up your client list and the follow-ups actually WEED OUT people who aren't ready to make some kind of monetary commitment which will make your job a great deal easier.

Offer Incentives

Offering incentives like free bonuses just for subscribing with no obligation to remain a subscriber can really boost your orders. Doing this builds a level of trust with new people who don't know you. You see when you start by offering freebies, you will attract a whole new crowd of consumers.

Send Emails on Friday

I always send my newsletter on Friday at noon because it reaches the East Coast at 3:00 p.m. This way your readers will have the entire weekend to read it, when they are relaxed and comfortable. During the week, your consumers have to work, deal with family and home matters etc. They simply do not have the time to really give your emails much thought. When you wait till the weekend to send the mails, you can take the weekend off and come back Monday to find a stack of orders just waiting for you.

Personalizing Email

You should always personalize each and every email that you send out because this gives people who are on the list a feeling that you’re not just another newsletter editor, but their friend and that you truly care about their success. Doing this can increase your sales by at least 200%. You have to think like a marketer as well as a consumer. If you start to think like a salesman, you will loose customers. The competition here is fierce but if you work on it, you will succeed. You want to shoot for the feeling where you actually become one with your list. By personalizing your emails, I mean that you can write as if you were sending a note to your friend. That's when you know for a fact that you will have a following.

Popup Emails

This method is 10x as easy to get once you visit the Opt In Lightning site or any other site that Opt In Lightning is installed on. When you do this, you'll notice that it captures the visitor's email address without the visitor having to fill out a form when they sign on for it. They just have to click “OK.” Instead. This is commonly known as Auto Info Capture, and makes it 10x easier for people to subscribe to your mailing list. The basic principle here is that the easier you make it for people to subscribe the quicker your list grows.

When you use Optin Lightning programs, you can nab any email address from the visitor's client browser. The number of Hotmail and Yahoo addresses is that you can pick up is practically zero. The few Hotmail or Yahoo addresses you do capture are those that they configured in their browser, and will go right into their main inbox anyway instead of them having to retrieve them over the 'net.
This is commonly referred to as your "Pull Ratio."

When you use a regular or "traditional" subscribe box, what you are doing is subject your list to what can be called pollution. What I mean by this is that, nothing is stopping people from populating your list with FFA confirmation email addresses, Auto Responders etc. If you ever decide to sell ads, your advertising clients are going to get very angry as your list grows because they will expect that their own ads that they paid good money for to pull more.

Using the old method over an extended period of time will eventually hurt your business. This is why Internet Marketing experts all agree that Ezines that get larger lose all or most of their pull. Now you know why. Someone using the traditional subscribe method can put all their friends etc. on your list, and force you to deal with spam complaints. This is called "List Bombing" and by using Popup Email Capture only, you will be able to avoid this completely.

If you can avoid these problems from the start, you'll slowly and steadily grow a solid clientele hungry for your products and services.